Welcome to Lha Tibet Fair Trade!


Lha Tibet Fair Trade, Pvt. Ltd. (LTFT) is a company registered with the Government of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the Companies Act of 1956, registration No: U74140HP2013PTC000540. LTFT is a creation of the Lha Charitable Trust — a registered, grass-roots NGO based in Dharamsala, India.


LTFT acts as a certified cooperative, offering a wide range of handmade Tibetan craftworks – from handloom textiles to jewelry, home décor and personal accessories to Tibetan art. In addition to being a retailer, LTFT is a licensed import, export, and wholesale company.


Our primary aim is to support the needs of the Lha Charitable Trust, a Tibetan social work organization providing crucial resources for Tibetan refugees, working to improve the standard of living and educational opportunities of local Tibetan and Indian communities, and raising awareness of the unique culture of the Tibetan people. Through this aim, we seek to become more sustainable and self-sufficient.

LTFT realizes this mission by providing high-quality Fair Trade products and efficient service to customers both domestic and international, while supporting the artisans and their art-works.


Specifically, we are committed to ensure that our artists are paid fair market value for their products, encouraging them to pay their workers a living wage, and develop a larger and more sustainable market. Not only do profits from sales support the Tibetan artisan community, but a percentage of LTFT’s profits support the vital operations of the Lha Charitable Trust, serving to uplift politically and economically disadvantaged Tibetan refugee communities worldwide.


Through online and in-person shopping, we hope to preserve our endangered Tibetan Arts and culture, improve the condition of those who are a part of it, and share it with you in the form of Tibetan handicrafts that will delight you.


LTFT would like to welcome interested parties to collaborate with our trade cooperative; opportunities for an exhibition tour are available.