Custom Orders


Lha Tibet Fair Trade welcomes custom orders. Our network of local artisans and craftspeople are available to produce customized work on demand. If you are interested in ordering a custom made piece (or pieces), please visit our contact page, and provide the most detailed information on your order as possible. Specifying details on elements such as name, style (if applicable), size, color, time frame for completion, and quantity will help us to match your vision and provide you with the perfect Tibetan craftwork.




As a licensed wholesaler, Lha Tibet Fair Trade welcomes and encourages wholesale orders. Wholesale orders may be fulfilled for orders of 100 units or greater. To order Tibetan handicrafts wholesale, please visit our contact page, including as many details of your order as possible. Providing details such as item name, color, and style (if applicable), quantity, and time frame for completion will help us to complete your order promptly and to your full satisfaction.